44W Matrix Light Bar - Shed and Horse Stable Lighting

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Our 44W Matrix Light Bar is ideal for replacing old flurocent lights. They are 4 x Brighter, have a smoother wave length, similar to the sun. They are impact resistant, and are a sealed unit so no bugs can get inside and there is no maintenance (no globes or starters to replace). Best of all they come with a a Plug so you can install yourself and a 5 Year Warranty.

  • 4 x Brighter than traditional fluorescent lighting
  • Waterproof IP54
  • Anti Corrosion
  • Lifetime 50,000Hrs +
  • Natural Lighting 
  • Energy Saver 
  • Shock Resistant IK09
  • Plug'N'Light 
  • Modular mounting system (install up to 5 lights on one bracket) 


Power: 44W

Power factor: >0.9

Lumen: 4444lm

CRI: >80

Length: 1200x50x30mm

Colour: Black 

Colour Temp: 6000k

Beam Angle: 100 degrees

Total Weight: 2kg 

Material: Aluminium

Working Temp: -25 to +50 degrees 

Lifetime: > 50,000hrs