Arioneo Orscana Horse Monitor (24/7) Never Guess Again

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The latest technology to monitor your horses at rest 24 hours a day. You don't ever have to guess again. 

This little device is designed to be fitted into the flank area of your horses rug.

Data is downloaded to your mobile phone  using an App and Bluetooth (Iphone or Android).

You must be within the range of 30m. 

Analyse - Horse activity day and night providing insight into time spent lying down, standing calmly, walking or abnormal activity.

Monitor - Temperature under the blanket in stables, paddocks or in transit, warning when the horse moves outside of it's comfort zone.

Advice - On the weather forecast and to whether to change rugs.


The kit contains; 

  • an Orscana Sensor
  • 2 x pockets to be sewn into different paddock rugs
  • 1 x quick hitch pin attachment suitable for travelling and stable use

WARRANTY: 12 Months


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