Equilume Mask - Model BELFIELD (Seasonal)

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Equilume Belfield (seasonal/limited life span)

The Equilume Belfield is for seasonal use only and has a limited life expectancy. Ideal for breeding purposes.

Battery Type:Seasonal

  • Active Hours Per Day:7
  • Program:4pm - 11pm
  • Light Sensor Function*Yes
  • Lifespan:5 months

Pack Includes: Mask and activation wand.

3 Month Warranty

 *The in-built light sensor automatically senses when outdoor light levels are sufficient and turns off light when not needed.


  • Maintains summer coat
  • Sheds winter coat
  • Healthier horses
  • Increases muscle response to exercise
  • Ideal for horses with limited turn-out and/or poorly lit stables
  • Keeps condition for horses on box rest

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