Dowell Equine supply and install quality Equine Products and Services, throughout NSW. Mark and Roslind started out providing maintenance for local stable complexes repairing stables, fences, water troughs etc. It wasn’t long before we saw a need for quality products in the Equestrian Industry. A lot of time and effort goes into getting your horses ready for competition. The last thing you need is downtime with a simple repair or worse yet an injury and an unexpected vet bill from a preventable sharp edge or inferior product.  Ongoing repairs from stables not only become expensive but, your stables are never as good as new.

 We all know horses like to chew the traditional stable materials like Marine Ply and Timber, and a single kick can crack and let moisture deteriorate them as well. We construct our stables from a recycled plastic composite in a tongue and groove profile, which is impervious to moisture, disease, pests etc. It will also not chip or crack, warp or swell.  It has the ability to absorb the impact from a kick, leaving no damage to the wall or the horse.

 We have a custom steel profile that eliminates all sharp edges within our stall. It also eliminates our need for screws that could potentially come loose and cause an issue. We also hot galvanise dip all of our steel, ensuring the best protection available for longevity.

 We use Round bars which are much stronger and safer than square bars and mesh, hoofs tend to slide off the round bars also. They have been lazer cut in and go between 10-15mm into the profile. We have been to stables complexes where you can see where horses’ hoofs have been kicking and have either gone through or were a kick or two away from going through these materials.


We ensure all stable accessories are as user friendly, practical and horse safe as possible.