10W LED Solar Kit - Gateways, field shelters, Property Signs

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Sonaray 10 Watt Solar Light - Includes Solar Panel and Mounting Bracket - DIY Installation

Warranty 3 Years

Model : SR-1010

Power : 10W Luminous
Beam Angle : 120°
Luminous Flux : 630lm(6000K)
Luminous Efficacy : 63lm/W(6000K)
Lighting Duration : 17hrs*¹
Time to fully charged : 7~8hrs*²
Battery : 7.4V 15Ah
Solar Panel : 20W
Luminaire Material : Aluminum
Weight : 4.7 kg/10.36 lb
Operating Temperature : -42°C~+50°C,-44°F~+122°F
Warranty : 5 years

Battery Specification
Nominal Capacity : 15000mAh
Cycle Life : 1000 times
Maximum Charge/Discharge Current : 7500mA
Standard Discharge Current : 1350mA
Nominal Voltage : 7.4V
Max Charge Voltage : 8.4V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage : 6.0V
Overcharge Detection Voltage : 4.25V±0.05V
Over discharge Detection Voltage : 3.0V±0.05V
Relative humidity : 10%~90%

Note: *1The duration refers to the time for which the luminaire could work continually with the battery fully charged.

*2 The time refers to the duration in which the battery could be fully charged under the effective illumination of the solar panel.

Features and benefits of the Sonaray Solar Light? 
LED Light is articulated and can be angled to suit your requirements, and ensure the best position of the solar panel to get a full charge. 

LED Light is fitted with an optic sensor, as the light reduces (ie Sun Sets), the light will gradually get brighter, extending the amount of time the light runs for a continuous 17 hrs off a full charge.

The Sonaray 10W Solar has a soft warm light that, is continuously on. It makes for a true safety light. Unlike a sensor light that you need to be seen by the sensor, and wave your arms or possibly the light is out before you are ready.  

The battery and LED Light are fitted with a pressure valve to allow heat to escape. This regulates the heat of the light/battery and increases the life expectancy of both components. 

Replaceable battery, with just 4 screws. 

Simple design features suit DIY installation; 3 Screws are required for installation - No Electrician - Set and forget 

Sonaray lights are made entirely in the Sonaray Factory - the advantage for the consumer is quality assurance, parts availability and warranty accountability


Where to use a Sonaray 10W Solar Light? 

  • Solar Real estate Signs
  • Solar Property Signs 
  • External Sheds / Garages 
  • Solar Shop signage 
  • Solar Light up Garden features 


Afterpay (Check out) or PayRight Payment (See Payment Plan Page) available 

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