CET Equine Spa

CET Equine Spa 2020 Premier 

CET Equine Spas from Ireland, are represented here in Australia by DoWell Equine.

CET manufacture premium quality equine spas focused on the hygiene of the spa, and safety and ease of operation for both the horse and the operator. They are manufactured out of the highest quality marine Grade Stainless Steel. And designed to have a 20 plus year lifespan with minimal running costs over this time. 

Why use a hydrotherapy, to protect your horse? 

With the time and money you have invested in producing a elite performance horse, protecting your asset with the highest quality equine therapy available, will quickly treat a variety of leg issues. The cold water spa, can assist the recovery of your horse by removing inflammation, and fluid at the root of the problem, allowing the tissue to repair quickly. 

How The CET Equine Spa works?

The CET Equine Spa works on four basic factors;

  1. Temperature. The low temperature of the Equine Spa slows the metabolic response of the cells, reducing the hypoxic injury, reduces the fluid build up, and the cold acts as a topical analgesic. 
  2. Salt Concentration; Higher salt concentrations draw fluids that accumulate around the injury, and assist in healing some injuries more quickly. 
  3. Depth of Water; The more water the less weight the horse is exerting on the tissues. Aiding in releasing the fluid from around an injury
  4. Aeration; Aeration maintains the oxygen level of the water in the spa, and provides a gentle massaging action to the soft tissue. Aeration of the spa has been proven to relax horses, more than still water (monitored by heart beat). 

What injuries are treated in the CET Equine Spa? 

Common conditions that respond well to hydro therapy treatment include; Joint Conditions, Laminitis in horses and ponies, Hoof Injuries, and Brittle Hoofs, Ligament Injuries, Tendonitis, Shin Splints, Soft tissue damage in horses, abcesses, windgalls.  

Why buy a CET Equine Spa? 

4 Year Warranty. CET Equine Spas provide the longest warranty on any therapy spa for the equine industry. The high warranty shows you how much confidence the company has in their  product. 

Yoke in the door for horses comfort. 

Higher Water Quality than competitors horse spas. You can completely empty the treatment chamber. Ensuring clean filtered water available. 

CET Equine Spa is the only Equine Spa on the market that chills the water in the treatment chamber as well as in the reservoir. Maintaining the low temperature of the water during the treatment session. 

Practical and simple design. With safety switches to protect the major components to prevent operator error from causing expensive failures.

Environmentally friendly; Variable speed pump, Unique Chiller Design, Insulated Tank all designed to save energy and an Ozonator to reduced chemical usage.