Donnybrook Hoofstik

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Donnybrook Hoofstik (40g) - Available in Black or Clear

Donnybrook Hoofstik  is specifically formulated to be used to repair damaged hooves.


Why should you use Donnybrook Hoof Stick on your horses hoofs?

  • To Nourish damaged hoof cells

  • Ideal to apply to severe cracking

  • Fill minor sand cracks, missing hoof and nail holes

  • Providing a barrier on the hoof wall, frog, sole and heel

  • Cosmetic application when showing

Donnybrook Equine range is manufactured from high quality 'All Natural Ingredients' including; Natural plant oils,and bees wax & essential oils (eucalyptus oil & tea tree oil).


Top tips to using Donnybrook Hoofstik to repair your horses hoofs.  

  • Ensure the hoof and damaged area is clean  and dry (If not dry with a cloth)

  • Mold a layer of the Hoofstik against the hoof where the damage has occurred

  • Coverage only needs to be thin to be effective

  • Only re-apply when you can no longer feel any Hoofstik within the crack (approx - every third day)


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