GEOHEX - Driveways

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Geohex is a fantastic alternative to concrete on your driveway. It was originally designed for the mine haul roads and when installed correctly it has a weight bearing capacity of 1000 tonnes per metre square.

You can fill with a range of aggregates from a small particle (crusher dust, top soil, clay), up to 25mm (blue metal, Cowra Gold, Cowra White).

The water permeability of Geohex holds the  gravel in place whilst allowing the water to filter through the gravel and get away, unlike concrete which creates runoff leading to pollution or localised flooding.

It is quick and easy to install and you can select a range of finishes to suit your style, and budget. It is sold per square metre. There are two pieces per square metre measuring 500mm x 1000mm each piece. 

Best of all it is 100% Australian Owned and Manufactured.