Horse Birthday Cake Cookie

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Huds and Toke - Horse Birthday Cake Cookie (Note colours may vary)

 1pce. 14cm diameter Gourmet Baked Horse Treat. An fun natural treat to designed to celebrate your horses special day. (Also, a great photo opportunity)


The Horse Birthday cake Cookies are based on a baked Molasses and Oats biscuit base and drizzled in a yummy sugar icing, hand decorated in sprinkles with an extra special Sugary Happy Birthday on top!!

The cookies  are big enough to share around the stable or paddock - if your birthday pony will let you.

100% Australian Made All Natural Horse Treats, NO NASTY PRESERVATIVES.

Ingredients - Whole Wheat Flour, Oats, Molasses, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt, Tapioca, Icing - Sugar, Corn Starch, Colours.

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