Horse Stable Panels

Whether you are looking to install a few stables in an existing barn or looking to build a brand new stable complex. We can assist with the stable design and layout working with the builders to ensure your stable project will suit both you and your horses requirements. 

We provide a diverse range of Stable Panels, to meet the requirements of any avid horse person. We carry standard panels  as well as an option for a fully customised option.

Our Premium Stable Panels Feature;

  • Made with recycled PE Board, specifically designed for the Equine Industry to last in the harsh environment. It does not fade, rot, swell or warp. It is pest resistant and does not require ongoing maintenance to look good.
  • The tongue and groove profile of our PE boards allows enough movement to absorb the impact of kicks without damaging the PE board and helps prevent injuries, and damage to the stable panels.
  • All steel is fully welded and hot galvanised dipped to prevent rust. The bars are laser cut in allowing for a tidy finish (no messy welds).
  • Unique double flanged profile (no sharp edges). Our custom profiles enable us to use no screws when assembling our stables. In addition the rounded edges remove another risk when stabling horses.  
  • Sliding Door (Top rail roller door system, fitted with an automatic door lock that can be operated from either side). The same system is used for the window door opening.
  • Bars (Max distance between the bars will be 53mm. Bars will be 28 mm diameter with a wall thickness of 1.8mm). Round bars are stronger and safer than square bars or mesh.

Our stables are an asset to any stable facility not only are the low maintenance so you can spend more time with your horses.

We also offer stables out of more traditional materials Galvanised Steel, with Bars or Mesh, Rubber or Form Ply Inserts. These are Australian Made to the highest standards. Ensuring the practicality and safety of the horse are paramount in our stable designs.

DoWell Equine are an Established Australian company that design and manufacture horse stable panels in the Southern Highlands NSW. There stable panels are constructed from high quality materials targeted specifically to have a low lifetime cost. Requiring minimal maintenance. DoWell Equine have a range of horse stable panes or you can design horse stables to suit your requirements. Contact DoWell Equine today.